Coursen Coating Labs Inc.

2925 College Ave. # A1

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

PH: (714)-585-4172  Fax: (657)-247-4296

Why Choose Coursen Coating Labs

Quality Work Done Right the First Time


Quick Quotation Time

Time is money!  Our customers demand quick turnaround on new quotations.  We understand this and try hard to get all our standard products quoted within one day.  For more involved and technical jobs, this may take slightly more time.


Quick Deliveries

We work quickly!  We understand that in today's fast paced world, our customers need delivery on the required day in order to meet commitments to their customers.


Low Prices

We know that everyone wants high quality at a great price!  We keep our overhead low and we pass the savings on to our customers.


The Engineering and Technical Support

Call today and speak to one of our engineering staff.  Let us give you the benefit of over 30 years of expertise when looking to develop your next project.  For larger and more involved jobs, we will be happy to quote you on an engineering project to solve your problem.