About Us

For over 50 years, Coursen Coating Labs has been an industry leader in the optical thin film coating industry. We pride ourselves on working to find innovative and cost-effective ways to improve our customer's products.


In 2009 we changed our name to Coursen Coating Labs Inc.  Coursen is a leading optical manufacturer that sells to OEM customers and dealers worldwide.


Today's manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the performance of their products and differentiate themselves from their competition. Coursen Coating Labs can help your company gain that competitive edge by improving the performance of your optical system.


Coursen Coating Labs produces vacuum-deposited and sputtered coatings for UV, visible and IR applications and offers an extensive line of stock and custom coating designs.  We produce a wide range of specialty coated products including coatings for high-intensity lamp reflectors, and mini mirrors for use in telecommunications. We also produce corrosion-resistant gold coatings for use in fiber optics, telecommunications, and military applications. In the UV industry, Coursen Coating Labs' specialized mirrors and filters are used to improve the brightness and output of existing UV optical systems.  Our solderable coatings, which are produced using Coursen's proprietary sputtered process, allow the glass to be soldered to metal for military, aerospace and other applications requiring extreme reliability. 


State-of-the-Art Coating Solutions

Coursen Coating Labs engineering and design staff can help you solve your most difficult thin film coating problems. We can provide a stock or custom coating solution that allows you to get extra sharpness, contrast or light transmission as well as optimize your system by maximizing or minimizing a particular spectrum of light. We are often asked to solve multiple demands such as reducing excessive heat in an optical system while at the same time increasing specific wavelength transmission characteristics.



A Wide Range of Coating Techniques
Coursen Coating Labs offers a wide range of coating techniques allowing us to choose the appropriate method to best meet your objectives. Techniques include deposition by Ion aided electron beam, thermal, and sputtering technology.



State-of-the-Art Products
Coursen Coating Labs range of specialty coatings includes solderable metal coatings (which are applied to glass, infrared materials, and ceramics), gold coatings, antireflection, contrast enhancement and high-temperature coatings.  We offer bandpass filters, beam splitters, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, and coatings for high-intensity lamp reflectors.  



Custom Coating Capabilities
Coursen Coating Labs specializes in developing innovative custom solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers who are facing a world of increasing competition and decreasing product life cycles. Let Coursen Coating Labs develop an innovative and cost-effective solution to your problem that pushes the envelope in terms of performance while at the same time meeting your price requirements.

Coursen Coating Labs Inc.

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