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Metalization (Metalizing)


These proprietary multilayer systems are designed specifically for use as solderable or conductive coatings for glass and ceramic substrates.  These films are deposited at less that 200° Celsius which makes them suitable for use on most electronic and infrared optical materials.  In addition, solderable coatings can also be deposited in a frame pattern around a window that is to be soldered onto a metal package.  These films have demonstrated excellent adhesion to their substrates and have survived destructive solderpot and cryogenic testing.




  • Allows you to solder windows into an optical system

  • Available in various shapes and sizes

  • Unique Masking Options

  • Hermetic Sealing


  • Guidance and Tracking Systems

  • Fiber Optics

  • Aerospace

  • Passive IR Detectors


  • Name: 3LPT

  • Solder immersion compatible

  • Tensile strength to exceed glass substrate

  • LN2 immersion compatible


  • Glass (Most Types)

  • Germanium

  • Silicon

  • Zinc Sulfide

  • Zinc Selenide

  • Sapphire

  • Magnesium Flouride

  • Many others

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