Anti-Reflection Coating


Broad and narrow band low reflection coatings are offered to reduce glare, improve contrast and increase transmission for a variety of applications.
















Designed and optimized for angle of incidence, substrate index and visual wavelengths.

  • Increased Transmission

  • Improved Contrast

  • Reduction of Glare

  • Reduction of Stray light

  • Reduction of ghost images



  • TV, CRT and Flat Panel Displays

  • Implosion Panels

  • Projection Systems

  • Windows

  • Second Surfaces of Beamsplitters

  • Instrument Covers

  • Optical Systems

Standard Coatings


Multi-layer broad band coating for visual applications that demand the lowest possible first surface reflection and maximum light transmission.


Single layer magnesium fluoride coating provides a minimum first surface reflection of 1.4% on glass substrates with an index of refraction of 1.52. Conforms with MIL-C-675.


Special designs to meet various Mil-Spec's, UV and IR, and unusual environments can be provided.

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