Cold Mirrors


Used in applications where it is desirable to reflect the visible light energy and remove heat by allowing the infrared energy to pass through the mirror.






  • Movie Projectors

  • Slide Projectors

  • Microscopy

  • Illumination Systems 


  • High visible reflection

  • High IR transmission

  • High operating temperature

  • Xenon and tungsten compatible

  • Sizes up to 19" 


High Energy Cold Mirror

  • Designed for use at 45º incidence angle

  • Reflectance: Average from 450nm - 650nm, 96% min.

  • Transmission: average from 800nm - 1200nm, 85% min.

  • Abrasion: MIL-C-675-B, paragraph 4.5.11

These dichroic visual reflectors are generally used at a 45 degree angle to deliver visible light in the 425nm - 650nm spectrum to film in a projector, and transmit the infrared energy to a heat sink.  Our type of HECM is designed for use with large xenon lamps.  

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