Hot Mirrors


Hot mirrors are used to reflect the IR spectrum (heat energy), while transmitting the visible light, and blocking UV light. Typically used anywhere that visible light must be cooled.  Hot mirrors are often used in conjunction with cold mirrors.  Applications include motion picture projectors, projection TV, endoscopes, microscopes, and exotic sunglasses.


These dichroic infrared reflectors are used to transmit the visual light 425 to 675 nm spectrum and reflect the near-infrared 750 to 1150 nm.  They also block most UV.  Our type SHM is used in projectors, Fiber optic illuminators, stage lighting, and other applications requiring maximum protection from light damage.

CCL's SHM Hot Mirror is supplied in various shapes and thicknesses. Our standard substrate is Schott Borofloat heat resistant glass. Sizes up to 13" x 13", 10" x 16" or 19" diagonal octagon are available. Sizes as small as 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 0.25 mm can be produced in large volume.  Diameters from 1.5 mm to 18.75" can be supplied, but at a higher cost than rectangular shapes.

Environmental Resistance

CCL Hot Mirrors can withstand severe exposure to heat and ultraviolet radiation because they are made entirely of glass and stable clear oxides. Damage resistance to rain, humidity, and chemicals exceeds MIL-C-675-C, which has long been used to specify shipboard optical equipment. This product is suitable for space or underwater applications.

Substrate                                                   Schott Borofloat, 3.3 mm thick

Angle of Incidence                                                                               0-20°

Operating Temperature                                                             475°F max.

Transmission                                                       80% average 450-650nm
                                                                                5% average 300-400nm
                                                                                   0% abs below 300nm

Reflection                                                           95% average 800-1100nm

Transition                                                                        50%T 715 ± 25nm

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