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Solderable Coatings

These proprietary multi-layer systems are designed specifically for use as solderable coatings for glass, ceramic, and infrared substrates.  These films are deposited at less than 200 degrees Celsius which makes them suitable for use on most electronic and infrared optical materials.  In addition solderable coating can also be deposited in a frame pattern around a window that is to be soldered onto a metal package.  These films have demonstrated excellent adhesion, and have survived destructive solder pot and cryogenic testing. 


  • Allows you to solder windows into an optical system

  • Available in various shapes and sizes

  • Unique Masking Options

  • Hermetic Sealing


  • Guidance and Tracking Systems

  • Fiber Optics

  • Aerospace

  • Passive IR Detectors



  • Name: 3LPT

  • Solder immersion compatible

  • Tensile strength to exceed glass substrate

  • LN2 immersion compatible



  • Glass (Most Types)

  • Germanium

  • Silicon

  • Zinc Sulfide

  • Zinc Selenide

  • Sapphire

  • Magnesium Fluoride

  • Many others

Glass Solderable Edge
Solderable Coating on an edge or face