UV Dichroic Reflectors

UV reflectors are a critical part of any UV curing system.  The various lamps that are used have fixed, defined characteristics. Optimizing reflector performance can lead to significant improvements in performance of the curing operation in terms of increased UV output power and reduced working temperatures.


Coursen Coating Labs produces world-class UV reflectors, UV mirrors, UV Dichroic Mirrors, and UV filters that can be used in an optical system to dramatically speed up the UV curing process.  Using our optical components results in typical improvements in throughput of a UV system by 1.5X and temperature is readily lowered.  The ability to optimize the performance of the reflectors can open the door to even more considerable improvements, up to 5X in terms of throughput. 

Coursen Coating Labs technology has been successfully deployed across a range of applications to maximize and enhance the performance of existing UV optical systems.  By adding precise, specific coatings to familiar materials, the characteristics of the UV system are effectively tailored to provide faster curing over a wide range of substrate materials. 

The precise vacuum deposited coatings are durable and easily maintained.

  • Enables greater throughput of printing presses and coating lines, extending the life of existing capital equipment and improving the justification of new capital equipment.

  • Increases UV at desired frequencies.

  • Reduces heat.

  • Specific frequencies can be selected.

  • Longer lifetime of UV lamps.

  • Can be integrated into existing equipment.

  • Greater line speed.

  • A wide range of materials can pass through the UV station without being damaged.

  • Effectively increases depth of cure in dark inks.

  • Saves money on spares and the cost of re-lamping.

  • Fiber Optics

  • Printing

  • Circuit Boards

  • Painting

  • Medical / Dentistry

  • Graphic Arts

  • Sterilizers

  • Resin Curing

  • Decorative Coating

  • Spectrophotometry

  • Electronic Manufacturing

  • Fluorescent Analysis


Coursen Coating Labs can supply UV products on substrates such as Fused Silica, Fused Quartz, Schott Borofloat, Specialty Filter Glasses, Select Soda-Lime Float Glass, Sapphire and some ceramics. We encourage you to discuss your applications and allow us to suggest appropriate materials.


Flat or precision bent shapes are available.


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